Partnerships & Tools

We are proud of our partneships

Together we build the new world

We help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.

For us, learning English is more than just exams and grades. It´ s about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities

With the right support learning a language is a joyful journey.

For every learner, every step of the way.

Pordata Kids is a project for yong learners (age 8-12)

Pordata Kids has 10 topics: environment, science and technology, culture and sport, education, jobs, family, justice, population, health and tourism.

Improve your writing fast. It’s free.

  • 1) Practise writing English
  • 2) Get your grade in seconds
  • 3) Look at the feedback and make changes
  • 4) Keep improving!

Write & Improve is a free tool for learners of English that marks writing in seconds. It is provided in association with Cambridge English (part of the University of Cambridge).

Learning English at home is child´s play.

Cambridge University Press has been teaching English in and out of the classroom for many years.

With the games and activities that we have prepared for the younger students, practising English at home can be one of the best times of day.

Use this tool on a daily basis and enjoy a different way of spending some quality time with your children while helping them improve their English.

Practise speaking English

Speak & Improve is a research project from the University of Cambridge. By using it you are helping us improve technology that will help English learners around the world.

  1. Talk to our speech robot, Sandi, who will ask you some questions.
  2. Afterwards, Sandi will give you a grade for your speaking.
  3. Were some questions difficult for you? Try them again to improve your score.

Sandi, our speech robot, uses new technology developed at the University of Cambridge. It can tell how well you speak English just by listening to you.

Sandi gives your Speaking an accurate grade on the internationally-recognised CEFR scale.

This can help you understand your speaking ability for work, study, exams (including Cambridge exams), or just for fun.