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We are a centre of excellence 

We are all fully qualified teachers and we provide high quality service

Who we are

Since 2009, we are a centre of excellence among our students, parents, teachers, trainees, trainers, partnerships and the community in general.
We are all fully qualified teachers and we provide high quality, family friendly, professional service.
Besides the tutoring support we also provide other services such as professional orientation, translations and preparation for Cambridge exams.

We offer

  • The facilities you need
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • The most advanced personal teaching (tools & technological)

Our vision is to provide excellence in education

Every student is different, so we want to provide the proper tools and guidance for their performance.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to provide excellence in education, by assisting students with the resources and necessary tools to become successful and independent lifelong achievers.
We strongly believe that every learner, at any age and any level, has the potential to become an exceptional Smart student.
Our mission is to support learners to achieve academic and life success by maximizing their potential. 
To accomplish this goal, we provide a positive and engaging environment that empowers every individual.
Every student is different, so we want to provide the proper tools and guidance for their performances.
Honesty and integrity runs through everything we do, and we are committed to achieve our goals through the way we work together, both in teams and as individuals. 

Smart Language

Learning English in a fun way

Learning English in a fun way

SMART LANGUAGE is a school that offers English classes according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), from the age of 4 onwards.(See qualifications grid below)

Our students learn English in a fun way, in the four main skills evaluated in the Cambridge exams : reading, writing, listening and speaking. (

Our goal is to help them use the language in a practical way, in order to improve their communication skills through a variety of activities. Classes are all taught in English and we encourage students to always communicate in English. Along these lines, students practise the language regularly which allows them to gain confidence from an early age.

Qualifications grid

Each level has well-defined aims which help our students become more confident in using English and creating good study habits.

The academic year runs from September to July. We guarantee around 80h annually for two  60-minute classes per week, and 130h annually for three 60-minute classes per week. These classes can take place over two days or on a single day (two or three consecutive hours).

Books play an important role in our life

Books are much more than a story

Books are much more than a story. They widen our vocabulary, improve cognitive skills, help students find new models for academic writing and help remember grammar and punctuation rules automatically.With these activities we seek to engage, entertain, and enlighten our students about the importance and benefits of reading.

We prepare students to every task

Your needs are our priority

Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre

Smart Study is a certified center that prepares candidates for Cambridge English exams, the world´ s leading range of qualifications for learners of English

School Holiday and summer Programmes

Have fun while you learn

During the year, students have been taught many important skills at school.School holidays are not only a time to relax and have fun,but also a time to practise what was learnt durinng the academic year.

Our programmes allow our Smart students to revise the language in a fun and engaging environment.Learning over the Summer can make a huge difference and help students feel confident and positive when they go back to school.

Frequently asked questions

Who can attend Smart Study?

Any student from Primary school to University.

Are tutorials in group or individual?

We provide both services.
Each case is different, we adapt the tutoring in order to meet the needs of each of our students.

Do you provide shuttle and food service?

Yes. Get in touch with us for timetables, routes and prices.

What distinguishes you?

We are a dynamic and motivating team.

How much does it cost?

Enrolment and monthly fees vary from level to level.
Contact us for a complete list of our programmes and tuition costs.

Are the tutors qualified teachers?

Yes. All of our tutors are fully trained and have post-secondary education.